Anonymous sent: hey you know that episode 6 season 1 where kaname starts to hallucinate after talking about A.S. parts. She sees a girl that's hung by a noose, was that Sophia? She then rips her shirt cleavage area open.. Kurtz said if he had a little more energy and the next scene kaname said his eyes are tired from wandering all night. did Kurtz attempt to make a pass at kaname or do you think he was just observing?

The hanging girl in the anime was Kudan (the girl Sousuke saved right at the beginning of episode 1). It seems to be a liberty Gonzo took as they insinuated she killed herself. In reality, she spent months recovering her mental and physical health, but the novels hadn’t made it anywhere near where we learn that at the time that the anime was made.

I don’t know if her showing back up later was something Gatoh had planned all along, or if he had forgotten the anime had hinted she’d died. I honestly don’t know how involved he was in that scene, and if involved, if he’d ever meant for it to be taken as an actual event, or just trauma.

As for Kurz, ah, yeah, he totally made a pass at Kaname, in the same way he did to Mao at the end of the season.

Anonymous sent: what is it about Kaname that Sousuke is able to be comfortable around her? She can be gentle and caring at times but other times she's almost no different than a drill Sergeant lol. I guess my question is, what is SO special about her that this scarred, serious, war-boy can fall in love with her?

She’s the best of both worlds!

She’s fierce, strong, courageous. She can keep up with him, they work well together. She’s quick on her feet, and resourceful. She knows who he is and what he is, and still she stays.

But she’s gentle, soft, and even scared. She needs people in a way he never has. She’s hardworking and caring, she knows how to take care of people, and herself, in ways he’s never learned.

She’s a civilian and offers him the peace and quiet of a normal life. But when the going gets tough, she can keep up, she can make it to safety with him, he can trust her to be right by his side without needing to check every second step.

Anonymous sent: Do you think anyone else could have made Sousuke/Kaname happy? Not that I'd want to see thrm with anyone else, but if they hadn't met, who do you think could have taken the others place?

For Sousuke, I’m honestly not sure… He’s difficult. Perhaps Nami, or someone who lived a similar life as her, but I have a hard time imagining him being able to trust anyone else as much as he did Kaname.

Kaname I think would have been more easily able to find someone. Fuwa probably could have made her very happy, if she didn’t love Sousuke more.

Although I’m really not so sure there’s anyone that was introduced in the course of the series that would truly fit the bill for either of them… that would really last ‘forever.’ If not for each other, they probably would have ended up with someone totally different that we never saw ^^;;

Anonymous sent: they said, "kaname chidori is like a big celebrity that nobody wants for a girlfriend, so its safe to test your courage on her." what do they mean by that exactly? test your courage on her?

Ah, probably just that you already know you’re gonna get shot down, so if you can work up the courage to confess to someone even knowing the answer is gonna be a rather violent ‘no,’ then you can work up the courage to confess to someone without knowing the answer.

…Though I wouldn’t really agree with that, since if you know the answer is ‘no,’ you aren’t really working up any courage at all XD Not knowing an answer is so much scarier than knowing it won’t be the answer you want. It’s so… fake. (And dear god what would someone do if she said ‘yes’!? …Dammit. Now I want to see that, she says ‘yes,’ just to see what happens, throws someone totally off…)

Anonymous sent: hey you know the 3rd episode In the 1st season? the one where Kurtz goes out and picks up the mission objective (kaname & kyoko) He says he was just going to have one beer but kyoko kept pouring him more. I didn't know Japanese high school students could drink beer? Kurtz also teases Souskue about hearing kaname say some things about him, was there anything else said about his fun bar adventure because it was interrupted by the panty theif immediately.

Drinking age in Japan is 20, so they aren’t allowed, technically, lol. Also amusing is that Kurz is 19, so how did HE even get to buy it!? Guess he got a different age put on whatever fake ID Mithril probably made for him XD Kyouko is actually shown to drink semi-regularly, so she might have a fake ID of her own, or maybe she’s good at getting people to buy drinks for her.

Or maybe Japan just isn’t as strict about drinking ages like in the US? I honestly don’t know about this one! And FMP starts in ‘98, the anime in ‘01, so things might’ve been less strict then than they are now? Anyone know for sure?

There wasn’t too much really about the conversation before the interruption. Though Kurz was a little whinier about the conversation topic in the novel than in the anime XD

Tokyopop translation:
"Man, those girls talked my ears off," began Kurz. “‘There’s a really weird transfer student in our class, right Kana? Isn’t he weird, Kana? Tell him about the new kid, Kana.’ I can’t believe they didn’t want to talk about important things… like me.”

Anonymous sent: That commitment of Sousuke's sex after marriage makes him more adorable to me. lol. Come to think of it, though. Back in the anime Behemoth episode where Tessa brings Takuma with her to Sousuke's apartment, and uses his shower. He was initially listening to her showering and then he said something like "work, work, work" where he consciously tries to keep his focus back to his job. He did show some teenage impulses but managed to keep himself from distractions.

Ah, I knooow, that one seems so very strange and out of place compared to everything else he does in every other scene ever. It’s just… totally out of continuity, to me! I don’t know how to consider it and work it in… It’s like, he did, for a brief moment, let himself get distracted by the girl in his shower, but… Never again…? Any of the other times he reacted to Tessa, he looked more afraid for his life if anyone saw them. (For good reason, considering Mardukas’ threats)

Ahhh, I just really don’t know how to consider it among things! You are absolutely right that that’s what happened (the novel does even make mention that his hearing is so keen he could tell just how the water was hitting against her body), but it just… Makes no sense compared to everything else we see. It almost felt like Gatoh threw that in there like “Yes, look, Sousuke is typical boy!” then… forgot.

Well, it does also go on with the fact that I doubt Gatoh ever meant for Sousuke to come off as being on the ace spectrum. Let’s be honest here… who ever does, without explicitly stating it?

But it doesn’t completely negate my headcanon XD I don’t think of Sousuke as a sex-repulsed ace, he could’ve just been in the mood, and he definitely recognizes that Tessa is beautiful, it just doesn’t mean he’s sexually attracted to her. A pretty girl in his shower could still stir up temptation even in an ace, lol.

Anonymous sent: not the original poster of the anon asking about the 5th period hot spot question, but you said Sousuke very much believes in the "Sex-after-marriage" thing? Was there anything in the manga where it was clear he did believe that? Because that's so adorable.

Ah, I checked back, it looks like they skipped this bit of dialogue in the manga! It’s in the novel, though, when Kurz tells Sousuke that he and Mao had sex. This is how it happened in the novel (shutazen’s translation):

"No problem.  Then, when will be the ceremony?"
"The wedding ceremony.  Committing such adultery you should be able to take responsibility right.  Since Mao has a high salary, 100 sheep might not be enough"
"You’re thinking too much…."
"You’re not going to get married?"

Anonymous sent: "I think he would have been horrified by the idea if she had come out and said what was on her mind, though. I don’t think he could have performed in that situation, lol." do you mean if she told him about her feelings about him? while still knowing they weren't in any kind of danger?

Not about her feelings, just about wanting sex. I think he would’ve been surprised if she had confessed her love in that situation, but it’s likely he would have reciprocated. But not on the sex thing, not right then. He’s been shown to very much believe in sex-only-after-marriage, and not to mention they were in a public place (and he had just shot the lock off the door, so there goes THAT option).

I’m also like 99% certain that even though it was unlikely to have been intentional, he’s demisexual (asexual-spectrum, only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond is formed). He completely ignored Kaname’s body in the beginning (bursting in the locker room, even on the beach in the summer), but started to very much notice it during the haircut scene (late October), during what was a very intense bonding moment for them.

So… At the time that 5th Period Hot Spot happened, he probably still hadn’t developed that sexual attraction to her. Of course, this is all speculation and headcanon, and I honestly doubt Gatoh ever meant for Sousuke to come off as being ace, but it fits what we saw in canon!

Anonymous sent: hey in fumoffu during the 5th period hot spot, when souskue takes kaname into the nurses room. Do you think that souskue could of actually made sweet love with kaname? She seemed really relaxed and not her usual self after souskue made a mistake.

Could he have, is in, would she have consented? Yes, absolutely she would have. …Though if he were aware of things, it would have been a crappy thing for him to do, considering she thought they were going to die… It would’ve been taking advantage of the situation, since he knew at that point that they weren’t in any mortal danger.

I think he would have been horrified by the idea if she had come out and said what was on her mind, though. I don’t think he could have performed in that situation, lol.

Interestingly enough, it’s not the first time Kaname has contemplated having sex with him! She did in book 3, too! When she was packing for them to go to the “southern island,” “just the two of them,” she thought that if the mood were right, then she would.

And it definitely was sex she was considering, not something as simple as a kiss, ‘cause it came immediately after she remembered one of her friends was on vacation alone with her boyfriend and the things they’d be getting up to. I believe her thoughts were something like “That slut,” but in an envious tone, not shaming. More like she wanted to be judgmental, but really she was jealous because she wanted a boyfriend she was that close to and felt comfortable having sex with.

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