Anonymous sent: How would you rank the arm-slave models in order of power? This is assuming that each one had an average driver who (if the arm slave had one) could use a lamba driver? I'm thinking it would go Belial>ARX8>ARX7>Venom>Shadow>M9 (all models)>M6>RK92 maybe? I might be forgetting a few...

If assuming an average pilot, I’d switch Belial and Laevatein around, and I’d switch Shadow and M9 as well.

In terms of sheer power, I believe the ARX-8 was stronger than the Belial, but because Leonard is a Whispered, and designed it specifically to take advantage of that fact, it could do a lot more. If a non-Whispered was piloting it, they’d only be able to get a fraction of the power and abilities out of the Belial. (That’s a big reason why Al always called him a ‘cheater’)

Overall, I think it would look more like this:

ARX-8>Belial>ARX-7>Eligor>M9(post-DVMC)>Codarl (i and m)>M9(pre-DVMC)>M6>Drache>Cyclone>Mistral II>RK92

I included pre- and post-DVMC M9s to make the distinction for when the Fairy’s Eye was installed. It does make enough of a difference, since it pushes them to be better than even the LD equipped Codarl.

Anyone with a better understanding of mech stats wanna chime in? ^^

Anonymous sent: small animie companies should take to kick starter websites to get things done I mean can you imagine if someone started one for FMP or perhaps school rumble ?

I’m honestly not sure that would work as well as you’d hope… It costs a lot of money, for a lot of different things, to really produce an anime. And you run the risk of the people working on the project not being as skilled or as experienced as those working for larger, established studios. That, and, well… that would make it all the more heartbreaking when something doesn’t get funded to be produced. There could be a lot of factors as to why something would fail, but all it would do is say “And that’s why no one did it” and it would really suck for the fans.

It’s great in theory, but at least as things are, I have constant hope for a new season of FMP. If it tried to crowd-fund and failed, I’d be miserable…


color swaps ftw c:
line art source:


color swaps ftw c:

line art source:

I really liked the look of this one, so I wanted to be able to color it~ I was doing the lineart and started running into issues ‘cause I suck at it, mikakuruyame offered to fix and finish it for me, so yay! Thank you! <3!

I’d like to see other people color this, too, if so inclined!!! At the moment, I don’t really have anything to offer, can’t make it a contest, or anything of the sort. I just want to see it… So, if you like this image and wanna try your hand, go right ahead! It’s transparent!

Tag it ‘full metal panic’ and I’ll (hopefully) see it in the tags! As long as Tumblr doesn’t eat it, because it likes to hide some things that pop up in the tags from me -_- But so long as I do see it, I’ll reblog it, and if it goes a day or two without me finding it, shoot me a message, ‘cause that probably means it’s hiding from me!

Or, my submit is always open!

Anonymous sent: How would you imagine an au of all the Fmp characters gender swapped? >:)

I’ve considered writing this before, at least through first season material, so I’ve thought some of it out. Although it wasn’t really ‘all’ characters, just Sousuke/Kaname, really. I think fem!Sousuke would probably pass herself off as a boy most of the time. I’d think she’d be small-chested and probably bind (maybe unhealthily so in the beginning, perhaps another woman mercenary would’ve helped her find decent binding) though I know even with the better stuff, she’d still run into possible problems, considering the length of time she’d be wearing it and the sheer amount of activity….

It probably would come out after her injury in the Savage during the first hijacking incident. Her Mithril friends would probably know, but I think she’d stick to keeping it hidden while at Jindai, at least for a time.

I also think Kaname’s abandonment and trust issues would manifest differently if she was a guy. As herself, she closes off, doesn’t really date or open herself up emotionally, and when she does, it’s kind of a big deal. As a guy, it might be that he would actually date around, flirt a lot, but still avoid that emotional attachment. After meeting fem!Sousuke and finding out she’s a girl, he may stop being such a flirt as feelings for her start to develop, and he’d probably especially avoid ever flirting with her (even in private/after everyone finds out she’s a she)

Male!Tessa would have to not be so soft-spoken to earn any respect… They make it rather clear in the series that everyone views her as “The Goddess” and they all think of her as super adorable and so on. (And honestly, I’ve said it before, but that seriously bothers me, and if Tessa was anyone else, half the shit she pulled in the first half of the series never would’ve flown) As a guy, that wouldn’t save him. He wouldn’t be able to come off that way.

Well. Then again. If everyone is swapped, then most of the crew would be female, so who knows… Maybe they’d all fall for the adorable, soft-spoken klutz that tries so hard… Like Vishnal from Rune Factory 4? (Okay, I adore Vishnal, maybe a male!Tessa wouldn’t be so bad if she was like him, after all…)

It would really only work for Tessa if that was the case, though. If we’re only talking main characters being gender-swapped, then he’s screwed, but if even background characters are, then he might be okay. Hardened mercenaries aren’t going to follow a soft-spoken, clumsy, cutesy guy, doesn’t matter how smart, hard-working, and determined he is. They will judge him by that, you can’t convince me otherwise.

Mao and Kurz, geez… They’re tough. Would they basically just switch spots? I mean, let’s face it, Mao is a pervert, though she isn’t exactly a flirt. Would that change if she was a he? And Kurz? You can’t really ignore the fact that women and men are treated differently. Kurz would be on the receiving side of a lot of the same kind of heavy-handed flirting he gives out during the series, so would that make her stand-offish to it instead, like how Mao is? Tough to say… they might be more or less the same dynamic but switched because their gender is switched, and the things they’d have gone through would be somewhat reversed.

…And so many more to think of, ahhh!!!

Anonymous sent: I remember the episode where sousuke pretends to date mizuki and at the end after he kisses her, kaname get's kind of taken back and he explains it was how he revived men back in war, but my question is... is sousuke really that "ignorant" to tell the difference between a kiss for CPR and for affection? He wasn't phased by it because he was used to it, but I know that towards the end of the series he kisses Kaname, does he eventually learn or was it something he knew but didn't see as a big deal

He learned it over time. Probably in big part thanks to that incident. But then just being surrounded by teenagers and their dreams of romance and hearing it all around him…

He’s definitely still ignorant about many things, but by then, he knew the importance of a kiss as a romantic gesture. It definitely meant a lot to him. ^^